Film and Video Production Crews & Support
Milwaukee - Chicago - Madison - Green Bay
Fresh Coastâ„¢ Production Resources provides DPs/Cinematographers, Location Sound Mixers, Assistant Camera Operators, Gaffers & Grips, Assistant Directors, DIT/Data Wranglers, Drone Operators, Production Assistants and much more!  We service Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Green Bay including regional areas of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.
Fresh Coast Production Resources provides film and video production crews & support in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Green Bay.

No Hassles. No Worries.

We don’t just “fill” crew positions. We “match” the right people to your needs and budget. Let FCPR increase your “comfort level” by assembling a crew of people we’ve come to know and trust over the past 25 years. We won’t let you down. We can’t afford to. Like you, we put our reputation on the line with every job.


Tell us “the look” you’re going for and your budget. We’ll recommend folks who are a good fit, confirm their availability, and provide you with their reels.

Camera Operators

2nd. camera for interviews. b-roll or live events. Someone able to step in as a utility or handle data backup. Our CamOps can do more than just stand behind a camera.

Location Sound Mixers

Most of our sound people come with extensive audio equipment packages. But if it’s just a simple interview, we’ve got solutions for that as well.

Assistant Camera

We have ACs with different specialties, skill levels, and rates. Sometimes you may only need an experienced camera dept. P.A. We’re OK with that.

Gaffers & Grips

Time on-set equals money spent. G&E is a “team sport” and we let our Gaffers and Key Grips choose the crews they work best with.

Assistant Directors

A good AD can make the difference between a well-organized, painless shoot and those disasters you never want to think about again. Our AD’s are pros.

DIT/Data Wranglers

We can get you a DIT to apply LUTs, color correct, and export dailies on location. Or you may just need to organize and back-up media. We’ll get you the right person.

Drone Operators

Recent FAA regulations have made drone filming a lot more complicated. Avoid the hassle. Let us get you a FAA certified drone pilot.

Production Assistants

Many of the PAs we work with are experienced professionals. But if you just need someone to help carry stuff and run for coffee, we can provide that as well.