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Fresh Coast Production Resources provides film and video production crews & support in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Green Bay.

Turnkey Solutions for Crew,
Equipment & Production Support.

Milwaukee - Chicago - Madison - Green Bay

Our Response to COVID-19

In order to ensure the health and safety of our crews and clients, we have developed a set of “Work Smart – Stay Safe” best practices based on a combination of CDC guidelines and simple common sense.
     For a listing of these best practices, along with suggestions and solutions for virus-safe yet practical location filming, CLICK HERE.

Milwaukee and Chicago audio-video-film production is accomplished with virus-safe procedures and practices following CDC guidelines implemented by Fresh Coast Production Resources.
Why choose

We’re actually here in the Midwest

We don’t just work off a list of people we’ve never met. Every crew person we assign to your project is someone we have personally worked with and have full confidence in. And should a problem arise, we’re here to fix it.

We only work with the best

We don’t take chances. Our reputation on the line with every job. All our crews are experienced professionals. Every piece of equipment comes
from trusted sources. No one pays to be on our “list”. We choose them.

We’re flexible

We’ll work with your budget. We’ll find you a DP who owns the right camera package. We have Camera OPs willing to double as grips, and PA’s qualified to run teleprompter or do data backup. Everybody wins and you save money.

We’re “Fixers”

Because we’re “actually here”, we can meet in-person with your local contacts and scout locations to assess lighting requirements. We’ll figure out the load-in logistics, arrange for transportation, deal with insurance requirements, and secure any necessary filming permits.

We make it simple

We’ll assemble the right crew and equipment to meet your requirements and budget. We pay everyone and handle all the paperwork. When the shoot’s over, all you’ve got to worry about is making your plane.

Tell us what you’re shooting, where, and when. We’ll make it happen.